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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 28, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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> hello everyone i'm vick carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. the number of lawsuits against st. joseph medical center are growing tonight. the suit surrounds speculations that patients were put through unnecessary surgeries. >> reporter: st. joseph's medical center liable for cariday surgeries performed by the recently fired doctor. >> these patients were led to have surgeries that they don't need. the implementation of cardiac stents. >> recently 350 of media's
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patients found out that their sents may not be necessary. some patients still stand by him. >> dr. medea told me that i was 30% blocked, and the person who did the surgery told me i had 50% blockage. so who do you believe. >> it was motivated by pure greed. >> reporter: the lawsuit also seeks an injunction here at st. joes. that would require the hospitals to stop conducting certain type surgeries. st.joe's says that they are
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helping any patient that was seen by this doctor. the hospital does not believe that patients who were treated and received the stint are at immediate risk. sjh is asking patients to contact their personal doctors and notify them of the situation. >> the lawsuit could require a third party to preside over cardiac surgery. an accident on 95 caused traffic for the evening commute. a ups trying to avoid an accident swerved into a jersey wall, crashed and began leaking diesel fuel on to the highway. two lanes had to be closed for the clean up. the john hopkins student
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who killed a man with a samurai sword will not be indicted. the man heard a noise, he went outside and found rice, rice lunged at him. >> according to the witness statement, it was determined that mr. pontalino believed that his life was in imminent danger or harm and therefore the ruling is that this homicide is justified. >> rice had been arrested for burglary 29 times, pontalumo could not are reached for comment. a man killed outside of the
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hospital by officers. >> reporter: medics load 51- year-old nick hollis at the hospital. police had been waiting at the door, after hearing that he was going to come in trying to confront his exgirlfriend who was in the hospital. >> he had to be tased, shot, then tased again. >> reporter: police reports indicate he had already assaulted the woman before. inside, no one to answer our knock at the door, the arrest came as news to his neighbors. >> do you know much about your neighbor? >> no. >> reporter: domestic violence experts know stalking is a growing problem in the u.s.
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>> it really doesn't surprise me to hear this. >> reporter: 3.4 million people are stalked every year. most often by someone they know in one out of five cases, stalkers use weapons to threaten their victims. this story could have had a violent ending serious harm could have come to the victim if they had not be there to intervene. >> reporter: the suspect now faces several criminal charges including attempted murder. in northeast baltimore, i'm derek valcourt. >> the officer involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave. in a couple of hours, president obama will be coming to baltimore. kai is now live with details of the president's visit. >> reporter: mr. obama has made a number of promises and
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americans want him to make good on those commitments. >> tonight i'm proposing we take $30 billion from money banks have repaid and use it to give small business loans. >> reporter: president obama got applause from that proposal. >> i think some of the health care plans could benefit our business, i think some of the tax, tax changes he's going to be making will benefit us down the road. >> reporter: like a political campaign, he's stumping, trying to get americans back in work. >> reporter: are you working? >> not now, i've been looking
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and there's nothing out there. >> reporter: the president's propough sal would give $5,000 of tax credit for every person hired. the president will share that proposal with chesapeake machine production. president obama is expected to tell those who work here how his economic recovery plan will help them. >> now some of the areas that could be affected are going to be lumbard street, utah. >> there will be road closures for the president's visit. but the city's next mayor says this is a great opportunity for baltimore. >> i've reached out to secretaries, obama administration officials they want to be part of hah going on in baltimore. i'm-- part of what's going on in baltimore. i'm going to give them lots of opportunities. >> reporter: the president says he needs bipartisan support to get these plans through congress and to make them a
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reality for the american public. he's going to get that opportunity because the republicans, coincidentally are holding a retreat here and have invited the president to attend. >> check in for updates on where he will be stopping and the impact it will have on travel downtown. new efforts by same-sex marriage opponents to make sure those unions are not recognized in washington. baltimore county delegate emmitt burn has pushed a bill that will not identify same-sex
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couples married in other states. well here's a question, if a married couple doesn't have marital relations, are they still married? one bill before the state legislature is looking to offer divorces for couples that have not had marital relations for more than a year. and restaurant week is in baltimore. you can find a link to zagat on our website on >> you're a foodie, i think you're be clicking away.
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>> right away. the steps john edwards took to keep his extramarital affairs from his wife and the public. >> to that time, if somebody didn't stop him, babies were going to continue to die. >> a man testifies why he murdered a doctor to keep him from doing abortions. the president announces more than $8 billion for funding for high speed rail across the country. how much of that is going to maryland. wjz goes one on one with the u.s. secretary of transportation. a frigid friday and weekend and maybe some snow saturday. i'm bob turk, i'll have your complete first warn weather, next. ,,,,,,
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it is 26 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete first warn weather forecast is coming up. first in new jersey, this suspect is still at large after a brutal attack at a supermarket. watch as a 59-year-old man is grabbed from behind and violently thrown to the ground. he suffered a fractured spleen and a fractured skull. the cameras then caught the suspect still shopping around as if nothing had happened.
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he paid and left the store. router said he shot tiller at a church service in order to save the lives of unborn children. >> i felt that if someone did not do something, he was going to continue aborting children. and so, i felt that i needed to act and quickly for those children. tiller's widow was seen crying during his testimony. rotor is the only witness for the defense. he is facing a first degree murder charge and it's possible the jury will have the case by the weekend. the mysterious life of j.d. sulinger has died. among his books, catcher in the rye, he then stayed out of the public eye and lived on this
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property in a small new hampshire town. the author's son said his father died of natural causes. new revelations tonight about how john edwards tried to hide an affair during his presidential bid. according to a new book by long time aid andrew young, mr. hunter was kept happy and silent with money from campaign donors. one of them was allegedly the widow of banker paul melon who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars. there's an ongoing federal possibly into edward's campaign finances. millions of the dollars of stimulus cash is coming to maryland and it will help you move faster. it is being used for a high speed rail system. >> reporter: the president announced more than 8 billion taxpayer dollars will pay for high speed rail in maryland and across the country. the u.s. secretary of transportation hood tells wjz
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it's one of the biggest investments in transportation since the rail system. maryland is one of 31 states getting the cash. making rail and cargo transportation faster and easier in the northeast corridor. >> baltimore is a huge hub area for the real service. so this is very important for maryland, it's important for our entire region. >> reporter: the money will pay for a new station at vwi marshall and a new train station in baltimore. >> we're going to get money to fix the dmt tunnel that was built before the civil war. it is dangerous, it has curves, it's a bottleneck and if anything happens god forbid, fire rescuers can get in. >> reporter: more than 1500 phaoƔeuls 1500 miles of tracks will be updated. one of the biggest winners is california, a rout from chicago to st. louis is getting more
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than $1 billion. can the federal government afford it? some have criticized the obama administration for spending too much. with deficits approaching levels not seen since world war ii. >> all of it will not be paid for by federal money. there will be private investors. >> this is good for jobs, improving speeds. >> reporter: federal government received $150 billion, of that only a billion in projects was funded. who needs economic statistics when women's hair styles may predict the economy. a new national report says stylists are seeing more women changing back to their original hair color. this indicates that people are still in a saving mode and looking for styles that cost less to maintain. so when will the economy see an upswing? only your hair hairdresser may
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know for sure. a new controversy is going up in new orleans, fans adopted it more than 25 years ago. and there's low pressure we've been talking about for the last four or five day, where is it going to go? where is it going to end up? at this point, still way down to our south. they've had snow about portions of the oklahoma, texas but the low is going to head pretty far to our south. that means we'll still be at least on the northern shield of the snow. it'll be snow, it'll be way too
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cold for anything else. take a look at temperatures right now, we're down to 26. the dewpoint way down to 6 degrees, humidity 41%. northwest winds 14. the barometer is rising, 30.26- inches right now. we're down to 26, oakland down to nine above zero. windchill advisory for garrett county, windchills are down below zero. down 10 to 15 below zero tonight. 32, freezing now ocean city. by the water it's warmer. winds are still a factor. that brings our windshields down to 15 to 20 degrees down at the baltimore region. current wind gusts down to 32, we still have those breezes, this low pressure caused snow
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in some areas of texas. it seems pressed on our part of the world by a big front that brought the cold air. and tonight it's probably going to keep the balance of this activity across virginia, west virginia, kentucky. southern maryland, you guys over the leonard county could see two, three, four inches of snow. north of that, an inch to two of snow saturday. tomorrow we'll have a snow map for you all put together. tonight, there's a still slight possibility it could go farther south or shift further to the north. the storm comes back north 25 to 50 miles, we could see an inch or two of snow. light powdery fluffy snow. cold air in place by sunday, high pressure, cold temperatures with bright sunshine for the end of weekend. down to the south, over across
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southern california, all -- southern virginia, under a winter watch. down to about 20, and some suburbs 17 or 18, a few clouds here and there. still breezy, sun and clouds, much colder, 30. later the clouds come in, could see light snow early saturday morning. during the day, periods of light snow, as you get south of annapis, south of dc, a little bit more. south of cambridge, even more. could be some more light precept on tuesday night. denise. >> here we go again, thank you bob. check in tomorrow morning on eyewitness news starting at 4:00 # 5:00 a. 4:00 a.m. they'll have the updated
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almost february, then
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march. >> this time of year it's sports. entering the final of basketball. teams are trying to build some momentum toward march. maryland facing fairfield. bryan rudolph made some space for himself, made the jumper, fairfield came up with some key transition buckets down the strep. derrick netum will go end to end for fairfield. the hounds will play again at home sunday afternoon. baltimore's malcolm delanie high score in the acc. delanie helped spark a come
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back forcing an overtime. delanie would finish with 28 points. mark hendrickson says he's agreed with a deal with the orioles. most important was staying close to home, so he stayed with the o's. sweeney missed a second straight super bowl practice, still harmed by an injury. team says sweeney will be able to play at the super bowl. a fantastic charge on the outside by the number two horse. d.v.'s pwoudty. buddy. the photo says dead heat. that's two winners in the ninth race at laurel today. >> they have ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a california jeweler has a bobble that is sure to catch your eye. lugano's opened their vault and unveiled a 30-carat diamond ring. no price has been set, but as the old saying goes, yeah, who is right if you have to ask, you can't afford it. the world has opened up in
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london and hopefully it wont be the band's water loo. it's an homage to a band. there's interactive exhibits where visitors can become their own dancing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up next, on dave letterman, actor keifer


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